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About Ansera Solutions

Effective Communication Solutions for this Digital Era

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The Ansera Story

Dr. Thomas Spiglanin has over thirty years experience helping people communicate more effectively in the workplace and in business. Working predominantly with professional (and often technical) staff, he saw first hand the value of effective communication skills. He observed countless individuals get promoted again and again to the highest levels of an organization, not for their expertise or business acumen, but because they were effective communicators across all forms of media – in writing, in email, in presentations, in meetings, and in conversation. When an individual reaches the pinnacle of their technical career, what usually limits further growth is their ability to communicate complex concepts in ways that others can understand and make sense of.

As digital media including email, instant messaging, and workplace social media continue to expand options for business communication, Tom increasingly sees a steady decline in the interpersonal skills needed to be effective at work and in business. Digital natives, those who grew up with digital communication technologies like text messaging and social media, often don’t understand the need for interpersonal communication and lack the skill to be successful. Likewise, those with decades of workplace experience are often frustrated or confused by those who are comfortable with a barrage of text messages or walk the hallways wearing headsets or earbuds. At best it adds tension in the modern workplace. At its worst, it results in a complete breakdown in communication, fostering mistrust and gross inefficiencies. Communication has always been key to business success, but it’s becoming more and more important in this digital era.


“The best solution useless if it can’t be explained to the decision-maker!”

Why Work With Me?

Interpersonal communication is more important in this digital era than ever before. Too often the wrong channel is used to convey an important message. Too often time is wasted drafting lengthy messages that could easily be handled with a 5-minute phone call. Too often live experiences with others are bypassed for the convenience of a text message – that becomes a series of back and forth exchanges that accomplish too little in way too much time.

Businesses and people need help. They need help re-learning to communicate effectively. They need help knowing how to choose the right medium for their message, and doing so instinctively. They need help using each communication medium for what it does best and to move seamlessly across each for maximum effectiveness. This is where Ansera comes in. I can help you individually or your organization be more effective where it matters most – when important decisions need to be made and you need to be heard.

Qualifications & Awards

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  • Ph.D. from Wesleyan University
  • B.S. University of California at Riverside
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  • 32 years at The Aerospace Corporation focusing on communication skills for technical staff
  • Author of more than 20 refereed journal articles in science


  • Perennial speaker at conferences in the learning and development sector, including the eLearning Guild and the Association for Talent Development


What I Can Do For Your Business

Team-building Workshops


Strategic Planning Sessions

One-on-one Consulting


Communication Deficiency Analysis

Ongoing Writing Support

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